Manors around Sindal

Baggesvogn Manor

Baggesvogn Manor is situated 5 km north-west of Sindal and can be traced back to the 14th Century. The main building was built in 1744. Admittance to the forrest only.

Bøgsted manor

To the east, north and west the impressive renaissance building from 1500’s. To the south the light barque facade from 1790 with its stately facing wall and peculiarly broken roof. Admittance to the forest only.

Eskær manor

In the beginning of the 13th Century Eskær was an aristocratic home. In 1600 the building consisted of a storied brick house with dormer windows and a half-timbered house. The buildings had a moat around them. There is no public admittance.

Høgsted manor

Høgholt, which is situated west of Hørmested, can be traced as far back as 1340 and was owned by the Banner family. The Manor, as we know it today, was built by Gregers Ulfstand. There is no public admittance.