Experience the wonders of nature unfolding in their full splendor

From the very earliest times man has had a very special relationship with birds of prey. This can be experienced in the Eagleworld, where you have unique views with some of the most fascinating of the birds of the sky and be taken on a historical journey from classic falconry riding to the latest technology.

Shows in the open air.
The eagleworld is located in the middle of the unique dune and forest nature that characterizes the area here in the north of Jutland, close to Skagen. For the audience, outdoor stands are arranged around the Eagle Reserve lake from which you can enjoy the bird’s unfolding in the magnificent free surroundings.

60 minutes in good company.
Previews last each time approx. an hour – it can vary as it always takes place on the bird’s terms. Here you are introduced to classical falconry as it has been practiced in the world throughout history and to this day. The skilled and dedicated communicators take the audience close to the individual birds and their special birds of prey biology.

Very close.
Of course, birds are seen in the air, but in the Eagle Reserve’s showcase it is also a high priority to be able to bring the spectator a very close proximity to the birds when you let them roam among the audience. You follow how the falcons are trained by falconers on horseback. Likewise, eagles are trained in this way – and as something truly unique, can be experienced eagles hunting in collaboration with a moving car.
You are presented with three different falcon species, all lightning fast, and there are four different eagle species. Also the very special Lamb Grab (who in fact probably not a vulture at all?) + News, both four-legged and winged, which are constantly being worked on.

More than 100 falcons and eagles are housed in the eagle reserve, located approx. 20 km south of Skagen. The Eagle Reserve was started in 1980 by Frank Wenzel. After his death, the Eagle Reserve is run by his son Peter Frank Wenzel. It is highly recommended to visit when you are a campground at Sindal Camping or otherwise in the area.