Getting started: loading and hauling

Information on the loading and hauling sites along Uggerby Å

To make the voyage as comfortable and safe as possible is here some useful information, regarding the route loading and hauling sites:


At the town sign.


From Sønderskov city drive over the viaduct – go along Sønderskovvej to the creek.


The new “Sindal Marina” located south of Sindal immediately below the brickworks. Drive against Lendum (south) at traffic lights in the center. Move over the track and around. 100-200 meters ahead on the left by CANOE-plate. Continue until CANOE-P-plate – there are only a few meters down to the canoe site. It is possible to stay overnight at “Sindal Marina”. There is two handicap-friendly shelters and a compost toilet. There is also running water, and tables / benches. There are of course also possible to turn up brought tents.


Before Mosbjerg you sail past a primitive rest place. Here one can rest over night , but not take the canoe up. At the road bridge in Mosbjerg the flow is strong, and there are many large sharp rocks. It is therefore up of the canoe before the bridge on the right side and pull the canoe in the water under the bridge, while you yourself go over the wood bridge. If the tour stops in Mosbjerg, leave the canoe in the grass. If you are sailing on towards Bindslev put the canoe in the water at the slope.


In Bindslev city it¨s not aloved to take the canoe ashore. Two bridges must be crossed and at The Old power station there is a loading and hauling site at the left side. See the sign, and go through the trees and put the canoe on the grass on the other side of the gravel road.


By Uggerby sail under the two bridges before hauling up, at the last bridge to the left. The slope is steep, but the canoe must be pulled up on the parking lot by the road.


On the way to the end of Uggerby Å the ocean. You  meet a fishing platform for wheelchair users. After sailing under the suspension bridge, canoe down to the LEFT (in Hirtshals side) on the beach. Easiest carriage road for pickup by canoe guests on the beach is the highway from Tversted to come to a signpost which says Uggerby 3 km to the right. Run down to the beach and approx. 3-3 ½ miles to the right.

Always place the canoe upside down and place equipment in the canoe

Always leave the canoe at loading and hauling sites , otherwise it will cause problems!

Have a nice trip and thanks for your help.