North Sea Oceanarium

North Sea Oceanarium

Visit the largest aquarium in Northern Europe, commonly called the North Sea Oceanarium. A huge experience for the whole family to move into a world going on below sea level. Millions of different marine creatures, large and small – very small. And very strange – for example, the utterly marvelous lumpfish that most of all resembles a prehistoric life – but it swims alive, right in front of us in the huge aquarium, among the shoals of all sorts of other fish from sharks to mackerel and many more.

Giant Aquarium

The aquarium contains no less than 4,500,000 liters of seawater and the glass behind which the many liters are located is no less than 42 cm thick. The tank itself is oval and measures 22 by 33 meters.

Active visit.
The North Sea Museum, as it was originally called, was opened in 1984 and the architectural experience alone is worth the visit. The museum is constantly undergoing further development, and here, of course, the experiential content is the focal point, and you can easily get many hours to walk in the exciting surroundings with many interactive installations and stirring basins.

There are also many active program points throughout the day, not least in the large aquarium with divers feeding the lumpfish and other fish, while the audience has direct contact and can ask questions.

In fact, part of the experience takes place above sea level – at least in part. In the large sealarium, the seals can be followed both above and below sea level. Here are also daily presentations.

In the seal area we also find the large playground, which is not only a playground, but educationally themed with many exciting activities. Here you can, among other things, experience a hurricane standing on the deck of a fishing trawler, walking around inside a whale skeleton and much more.

Last but not least, there is of course the opportunity to get both hunger and thirst. On the other hand, there is the possibility of eating the food brought, but there is a lovely cafeteria with a breathtaking sea view and then the unique restaurant serving gourmet standard food.

Discount tickets.
A35 Sindal Camping is only approx. 20 km from the North Sea Oceanarium. At the reception we sell tickets that are not only cheaper, but provide access completely without having to queue.