Aktivities on Uggerby river

Canoe Rental

Starting in Ilbro you will have great opportunities to enjoy the beautifully broken terrain as well as the wonderful fauna. Pitch your tent om the banks of the river and stay the night. The stream runs through the Sønderskov-area and through Sindal.

Sindal is the heart of “Vendsyssel” and among others known for its fountains. At “Gøgsigs Pakhus” there will be successive art exhibits. The Center for Grafik also exhibits many exciting pieces. You can also visit the childhood home of writer and philosopher Martinus or see the Sindal Mill. The stream meanders on and near Mosbjerg you can go ashore to rest and enjou the contents of your hamper. The trip goes on to Bindslev. At Bindslev Gl. Elværk (power station) you can camp and light a camp fire.

Uggerby Stream is known for its fine fishing. On your way to the ocean you will paddle through Uggerby and the stream winds along Uggerby Klitplantage (dune plantation) before it mouthes into the ocean.


Try your hand at fishing on the river. Who knows, you might catch your own dinner.