Fishing in Uggerby Å
The river has a large population of sea trout, brown trout, eel, roach and pike. Uggerby river’s brown trout strain is unique because of its size. Average weight is approx. 5 kg, and caught fish every year up to 10 kg.

Sports fishing Association for Hjørring and surburbans has fishing rights for approx. 50 km of the river. The stream is marked with green stakes, where fish rights are. Fishing licenses and state signs must be brought and presented on demand of fishery officers, landowners or members with valid membership card.

The stream is protected from 16 November to 15 January. Falling Fish is preserved to first April.

Minimum size

Sea trout:

 40 cm

Brown trout:

 30 cm


 40 cm

There must be brought home max 3 salmonids. per day.

You could read more at Uggerby shop

Fish card & fishing licenses

Rules for fishing cards and fishing licenses to Uggerby Å

Who shall have a obligatory state fishing card and fishing license?

  • 0 – 15 years No card needed.
  • 15 – 18 years fishing Card.
  • 18 to 67 YEARS Statens fishing card and fishing license.

State fishing card is obligatory for anyone over 18 years and You can get it here:

obligatory state fishing card

  • 1 day       40.00  kr.
  • 1 week  130.00  kr.
  • 1 year    185.00  kr.

Fishing license required for fishing in Uggerby River – along with the compulsory license. Sold at Sindal Camping & Canoe Rental Hours 1st April – September 20 daily 8:00 to 20:00 (to 21:00 hs) Siesta 13:00 to 15:00,
or at Hjørring Sport Fishing Association, at the following prices:

  • 1 day          90.00   kr.
  • 1 week      300.00  kr.
  • 1 months  500.00 kr.
  • 1 year 1000.00 kr.