Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland

Denmark’s oldest activity park, located in the woods between Løkken and Blokhus in North Jutland. Here there is the possibility of almost endless experiences where only the imagination sets limits.
Here you will find FÅRUP SOMMERLAND an amusement park in a special class with all kinds of amusements ranging from nerve-wracking roller coasters to crazy water rides in Denmark’s largest water park. the only way in the north to ride a roller coaster both above and below the water.

At full speed

Here the whole family finds rides that are not experienced everyday. For the youngest it can be a flight in “The Red Baron” where you yourself are a pilot on the airplane. Or a trip to the top of the “Squirrel tower” and in rushing free fall to the ground again. For the slightly larger and bolder are even wilder rides. The roller coaster “Hurricane” suddenly drops below the water – and fortunately up again and the roller coaster “Lightning” kicks completely wild with an acceleration faster than a formula! Car: 0-80 km/h in less than 2 seconds.

Wood slide etc.
Would you like a trip in Denmark’s fastest wooden roller coaster – “Falken”? or the “whirlwind” which, as its name suggests, throws passengers up and down the full 19 meters while rotating around without respecting gravity? “The Red Baron”

However, everything is not all about roller coasters, even classic hits such as jump pillows, trampolines and climbing racks are found in abundance. Minigolf, canoeing, shooting ranges and horse riding are also part of the opportunities in the pleasant forest surroundings.

Aqua Park.
Part of what Fårup Summerland is known for is the giant water park. It is actually Denmark’s largest Aquapark and it is heated to 27 degrees, so it can be enjoyed even though there may be a cloud for the sun. The water park consists of several attractions: the wave pool where you can romp in wild waves, surfhill where you can drive down the slope, take a stroll in the giant bathing in the water hose, the largest of its kind in the world, but outdoor water slide with 2 loops and free fall.

Calm down!
When you may be saturated by the slightly more violent rides, you can get a sensual experience in 4D cinema. Or you can relax under the trees in the large barbecue area with brought food. Maybe choose instead to be treated to one of the restaurants – there are several to choose from, so you have good chances to find your favorite food. There is even the possibility of frequenting the 100% organic restaurant: Forest’s Pasta.

On horseback.
A total of 35 Icelandic horses are also available to the park’s guests. You can ride inside the park, but you can also take one of the arranged trips out into the countryside outside Fårup Sommerland for a lovely forest and horseback riding on horseback.

Close to Sindal.
It is highly recommended for the whole family to take a day off in Fårup Summerland. And it is actually not far from Sindal Camping. It takes approx. 40 minutes by car and worth the whole trip.