It all started with the fact that in early June 1989, we had a visit from some friends from Sindal and the talk fell on tennis. She, Lene Frandsen, chaired the tennis club and out to make us interested and get new members. She succeeded well, we decided on a trial membership, but had no equipment and therefore drove the next day in the direction of Aalborg, where from our skiing interest we knew a sports shop, Surf & Ski. On the way out we drove through Sindal, where it was also mentioned in the conversation that the campsite should be for sale.

Never in my life would I ever imagine settling in an inland village of Sindal when we lived in Tversted, 100 meters from the best beach in Europe, in a beautiful log house on a beautiful undisturbed nature plot. However, we had sometimes toyed with the idea of buying a campsite. Dorte, with background as an educated teacher from “Kryb i ly Kro” and now in continuing education same place now as a third year chef, myself primary school teacher at Strandby School with mathematics, music and sports as a major subject, as well as with a lot of practical experience from a very active life then.

But, as soon as there was a campsite on our route to the tennis racket shop, and this campsite would probably be significantly cheaper and more easily accessible than the campsites we had in our dream thoughts, yes we decided to just drop in to see square.

Campsite owners

The campsite is located on the south side of Hjørringvej, a small kilometer outside the city, towards Hjørring, at the top of Fjeldsted hill. Along the way there is a noise wall covered with rose petals, so from the outside you get no impression of the bliss of the place, and we were very surprised at how wonderfully peaceful and idyllic it was. To put it mildly, it was good enough for loving hands and bone grease, but we were excited and all the way to Aalborg we discussed the campsite. Sure enough we bought some nice rackets, but they never came into use, because on the way home we were still discussing camping and we felt that it all had a fair bit of realistic feasibility. That is why we contacted the real estate agent and before Sankt Hans, less than 14 days after friend’s evening, we had become a camping nut and friend at our own campsite.

Modern family place

Now, quite a few years have passed, incredible as time flies, but we are still happy with the decision and feel great joy in the life one has as a campsite owner. The campsite has undergone a great development and today appears as a tip top modern campsite, right at the forefront in terms of facilities and activities.

Wireless internet: FREE

We have accespoints all over the place so you can sit in your own caravan and be connected to the entire global network. New toilet building furnished with tidy family room, so there are now three whole toilet buildings, the new one and an almost new one also with family room + sauna and solarium, and then the old toilet building that has been newly renovated. New mini golf facility with twelve courses. New unit seats, so we can now offer seats in sizes 150, 120 and 100m2 and apart from the tent pitches all seats are provided with electricity meters with 10/13 and 16 A, where you pay according to your consumption and not according to a fixed tariff like the Few ever spend more than a fraction of.

More than a hobby:

In 2008 we felt that the campsite should probably be able to supply us with salt for the eggs and butter on the bread (from Ingeborg!), So Strandby School had to do it themselves. What a lovely decision. It is a bit of a privilege to work full time with his “hobby”.

Canoes on Uggerby Å:

In 2011, the business was expanded with canoe rental, so now we have also become “shipowners” with our own port: Sindal Marina. This happened because the tourist information, run by Sindal Development Center at the DSB station, unfortunately came in a municipal squeeze and had to close.

More service:

Therefore, in the spring of 2011, we converted our old information into a combined TOURIST INFORMATION and check-in Reception, so that tourists in the area should not go in vain. Although the municipality has made tourist information in the library, tourists are not open for many hours and the brochure committee is somewhat sparse.

New initiatives.

When things are going well, one can easily be tempted to sit back and enjoy life. We are enjoying life, but have not fully reclined. In 2012, we renewed the entire electrical system, and made new galvanized electricity stands with digital meters, in positions 21 – 64. These meters are read from bottom to top, and this has sometimes provided some funny figures when read from above.

In 2013, we moved the large playground away from the area next to the big tent. This has freed up this whole large space and we have here established 20 electricity pitches and a number of non power places, where we can now offer participants on camping meetings that they can come together – and in the vicinity of the tent, where there are often joint activities . We hope to be able to attract many different camping clubs.

In 2016 we finished our new MULTIBANE + that we also got a Beach-Volley course.

In the spring of 2017 we plan to make a new TARZAN ROAD.

Camper stop – pitch.

There are more and more motorhomes. We already have many motorhome guests and we are delighted. But we have also met at a number of motorhome owners who do not feel at home in campsites, where they may not need quite the amount of facilities that are normally part of the package. We feel that what is important for these motorhomes is: safety, fire distance and fortified underground, as well as the possibility of entering before the red wine is opened for dinner. We have therefore designed 10 new motorhome pitches without electrical connection and 20 with electrical connection, but inside the security behind the boom and with the possibility to use both emptying and filling facilities as well as the facility buildings.

We have electronic number plate registration, so it’s possible freely to drive in and out 7-22: 30. 


At Sindal Camping Denmark it is possible to obtain a very special discount in the pre and post season by showing your ACSI Discount Card upon arrival. This discount applies to 2 people + possibly. dog for an overnight stay in normal place incl. 4 kWh and bath.


Retirees and seniors have a good time and use things carefully. That is why we give a very special discount when you are 60 years old.

All year round, except in July: SENIORS 60+ gets 50% discount on owernight fee if the stay is minimum five days.

THE TOP OF DENMARK The Land of Light

When we lived in Tversted as “very ordinary” people, we were not very aware of our region’s many beautiful and unique offers. Less than 40 km to the north of Skagen, with the very special atmosphere and not least light. Here you will find memories of the Golden Age painters, Ancher Kröjer, Tuxen and Schwartz and others. which can be enjoyed at the Skagen Museum and the Brøndums Hotel. The sanded church and the branch, Råbjerg Mile, Northern Europe’s largest hiking dune. The new nature museum, Skagens Odde, designed by Jørn Utzon.

On the east coast the beautiful fishing village of Ålbæk and further down Jerup and Frederikshavn, with the Bangsbo Museum, the Ellingå ship, cannon and bunker museum etc. From here you can also take a day trip to Kattegat’s pearl: Læsø. A visit there with the guided bus tour will make its way into the upper end of the holiday’s top ten list.

Sæby with the idyllic streets and harbor where the sun is played every evening to trumpets.

We could also continue along the west coast where the Eagle Reserve is located. An incredible experience that is not immediately forgotten.

On the contrary with Denmark’s probably best known ice house: Det Blå Ishus, where you unconditionally get the biggest “Guf-ice” when enjoying the breathtaking sunset over one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Here also Tversted dune plantation with the beautiful walks around the lakes and to the eastern dune.

Hirtshals, where on the way through the coastal plantation you can stop and see the Uggerby Å ship before coming up to the North Sea Museum, which is still worth a visit here also after the terrible fire, where among other things the popular lumpfish had to kill . Hirtshals harbor with the harsh wind forcing the waves over the pier heads, the bunker museum.

Further along the west coast, Rubjerg Knude, the 60 m high dune with the sanded lighthouse. The idyllic West Coast fishing village of Lønstrup, where the fishing boats are pulled in and out of the beach. Mårup Church that stubbornly fights its unequal crest against the threatening crash.

Løkken & Blokhus with all the fast-paced tourist menagerie and the wide beach with the small white bath houses.

Fårup Sommerland, the whole family outing destination, before turning inland and coming to Aalborg, the capital of Vendsyssel. Here you will find the whole Marine Museum, Tivoliland and Zoo, one of the zoos that has the most beautiful plants for the animals, plus much more. The famous and infamous Virgin Ane street. Restaurants and music venues for every taste and purse.

In and around Sindal there are also many excursions and activity opportunities. Directly opposite the campsite there is an entrance to Slotved forest, where you can surprise the deer if you are a little quiet on foot. The Old Church, and the watch tower can be reached on a brisk walk. We are also the city with the 100 fountains, so there is plenty to look at.

If you are into angling, you will not find many more beautiful places than along Uggerby Å. From Hirtshals, sea fishing is arranged, there are also a handful of put-and-take nearby. If you don’t mind fishing, you can take a wonderful trip on the river in a canoe that is rented out at  Sindal  Camping. It is possible to sail all the way from Lørslev to Uggerby. Bicycles can also be rented if you have not brought your own. The area up here is very suitable for cycling and along the major roads there are bike paths. Bicycle cards we have at the reception. A good target is the agricultural museum Højen-Bjørnager, located at Mosbjerg / Vogn. And you can drive on to Tolne Bakker and Forest.

Not far from Sindal lies the manor of Odden, with the Willumsen collection and Hjørring offering a shopping idyll with pedestrian street and museums.

Although we have big neighbors in the cities of Frederikshavn and Hjørring, the best and cheapest shopping opportunities are actually here in Sindal, where, besides a number of fine specialty shops, we also have REMA 1000, SUPERLAND and the newly expanded and rebuilt SUPERBRUGSEN. Furthermore, besides the Q8 tank, we have three fiercely competitive companies OK, 1-2-3 and UNO-X, so there is always diesel and gasoline at the absolute lowest price.

Ornithology – birds:

If you like birds – and who can’t? there is ample opportunity to enjoy the diversity found at Sindal Camping. Most recently here in July 2013, we had a visit from a Dutch ornithologist who made the following observations:

Night owls – horned owl – mouse guard – flag woodpecker – green woodpecker – red kite – fir singer – yellow sparrow – greenish – dumpling – top goblet – green sable – small cross-hatch – woodpecker – swamp goblet – monk – black goblet – gray flycatcher – flip flop – blue goblet. (There are some who also believe to have observed and heard: Plat Owls?).

Now with 4 stars:

As previously described, we have always achieved 100% on all four parameters in the Camping Council’s Quality Assessment. Unfortunately, since the Camping Council no longer exists, this quality assessment no longer exists. Therefore, it was a great pleasure that in the fall of 2019 we were upgraded to four stars by our trade organization Camping Outdoor Denmark COD.